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CTEC Works

“We are committed to growing Oregon’s economic vitality. With this strategic investment and innovative public-private partnership, our region can develop a workforce that is so highly skilled and trained that our state becomes a magnet for new business and strengthens existing industry.”

What People Are Saying About CTEC

Portland General Electric is expecting 45 % of its line workers to be eligible for retirement in the next 10 years. It takes three to four years of apprenticeship to train a journeyman line worker, who earns about $35 an hour. “In the next 20 years, no lineman will be out of work.”

Maureen Shaw

Supervisor of
PGE work Force Planning and Diversity

We’re not the same old shop anymore; it’s a high-tech and high-skill manufacturing facility and installation process. We manufacture many of our own materials and use the latest in equipment to do it, from CAD drawings to plasma and laser cutters to high-tech sensors and control systems.

Fred Streimer

President Emeritus of
Streimer Sheet Metal Works Inc

“We need a school like CTEC, where students from youth to early adulthood, can start on their career path. Even if they can’t afford to go to college, they have the tools to enter the workforce right after high school. Simply there aren’t enough people with the right skills for the jobs we are trying to fill.”

Graham Slater

Research Administrator at the
Oregon Employment Department

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