ACE Scholarship Logo

Career Technical Education Center in partnership with the Advanced Construction Education Board is thrilled to award eight, $2,000 scholarships to seniors enrolled in our Residential Construction program!

“The Advanced Construction Education Board has created the ACE Scholarship to help students who are interested in joining the construction industry. ACE understands the immense amount of career opportunities available to students in the construction industry. However, we understand that getting the training, education, and or tools needed in the industry is not always feasible to all students. Thus, the scholarship is designed to help minimize any financial burden that may get in the way of a student pursuing a career in Construction.”

ACE’s mission is to provide job site opportunities for Salem-Keizer School District high school students to develop and implement real world construction skills. We’re extremely thankful for the Advanced Construction Education Board for their support and interest in the success of our students.

Meet the scholarship recipients!

  1. Joshua Huskey (McKay High School) is currently working at Boone Ridge Senior Living serving food to its residents. He would like to join the military and the AIT and become a heavy equipment operator after graduation.
  2. Ethan Libby (Sprague High School) will be attending Chemeketa Community College and Oregon State University after graduation to pursue a degree in Construction Engineering. He has aspirations of starting a small remodeling business and eventually begin flipping houses.
  3. Nelson Millan-Rogel (North Salem High School) will be attending school in Corvallis at Oregon State University. He is excited to start earning his degree in Construction Engineering.
  4. Tawni-Nicole Nino (West Salem High School) is excited to attend Chemeketa Community College and begin the Inspector Program.
  5. Oskar Olsen (McNary High School) is excited to explore a career as either an electrician or farmer.
  6. Conner Robustelli (South Salem High School) is currently working with G&B Farms in Gervais, mending fences and working with animals. Conner plans to relocate to Idaho after high school to become an Electrical Lineman.
  7. Isaiah Sotelo-Delgado (McKay High School) will begin working at Modern soon while also studying computer design while attending Chemeketa Community College.
  8. David Valdez (North Salem High School) will be busy after graduation going engineering and CAD work at Modern during the day before working evenings at Walmart.

Congratulations to all!