Sustainable Plant Science & Technology

Students in the CTEC Sustainable Plant Science & Technology program learn about the progressive field of Agriscience through practical, hands-on, industry-related experiences, providing students exposure to urban farming, micro and macro propagation, ecology, environmental science, horticulture, agricultural engineering, micro biology, and more.

The Sustainable Plant Science & Technology program partners with the local industry of the Willamette Valley to prepare our students for today’s world and tomorrow’s.


We want our students to be ready to gain employment in entry-level ag field jobs or gain successful entry into secondary training programs. CTEC’s Sustainable Plant Science & Technology program prepares students for the ever changing field of agriculture, science, biology, and ecology. The Willamette valley’s population continues to grow as our climate is changing. Therefore we need and will prepare our students with the skills necessary to feed our community and care for our amazing valley of vibrant, green, fruitful agriculture. Not only will students learn about produce, but they will also learn about horticulture, nursery management, and all the related skills necessary to grow and sustain plants.


Our students use controlled environments agriculture technology to grow plants using an indoor vertical farm model. Students develop data managements skills to manage and track growth production systems. Students in the Sustainable Plant Science & Technology program learn contextualized science and English aligned to the particular projects and skills they develop. Students receive coaching and resources to explore career options they may want to pursue directly out of the program or with continues education. Coupled with the experiences they have throughout this program, they graduate with a plan and the ability to adjust the plan throughout their career. With a foundation of industry-standard skills, relevant and integrated science and English training, and the ability to interact with technical equipment, our students are ready to purse their dreams and goals.