Business Development and Leadership

Over the course of two years, students engage with increasingly challenging business concepts, both in terms of hands-on application and the underlying theory. As they study advanced business topics connected to marketing, finance, project management, motivation, leadership, development and business consultation, students have the opportunity to learn, practice and implement the professional skills necessary to prepare them for broad career paths relating to business and entrepreneurship. Students who complete the Business Development and Leadership program graduate high school with a competitive advantage by integrating industry standard skills and understanding with rigorous academic curriculum.


We want our students to be ready for whatever comes after high school. It’s clear in today’s business environment, employers seek applicants with the professional skills needed to complete tasks and serve customers well from day one. Unfortunately, industry cannot find enough of those applicants in their current hiring pools. CTEC’s Business Development and Leadership students work with the other CTEC programs and real-world clients to offer business services. This provides our students with the understanding, work ethic and experience to fill open positions industry struggles to fill. This is the competitive advantage CTEC is committed to providing for our students. Our students are ready to start their careers with the following industry-relevant skills and knowledge:

  • Ability to identify needs in various business environments and develop creative solutions
  • Design and implementation of marketing tools and plans
  • Basic concepts related to personal and business finance
  • Professional conduct with strong communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills that translate well to the workplace
  • Project management
  • Exposure to graphic design software
  • College credit: COMM 111

Students complete the Business Development and Leadership program while earning English, social studies and business elective credits. Students receive coaching and resources to explore career options by interacting with industry partners and going on site visits. Coupled with the experiences they have throughout this program, they graduate with a plan and the ability to adjust the plan throughout their career. With a foundation of industry-standard skills, rigorous English and social studies contextualized to the projects and consistent interaction with industry, our students are ready to pursue their dreams and goals.