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Salem Keizer School District
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Staff Directory

Atkinson, Mark
Const./Manuf. Math Instructor
971-332-3523 Hours: 8 am to 3 pm Mon-Fri, and by appointment. Please email me first and I can follow up with you.

Barnett, Josh
Public Safety (Law) Instructor
971-332-3987 (Available Mon-Fri 12:00-12:20 & 3:20-3:40)

Coleman, Mitchell
Agriscience & Culinary Food Safety Instructor
971-900-5207 (Available Mon/Tues/Thurs 11 am-12 pm)

Corcoran, Joey
Agriscience IA

Crays, Alex
Auto Collision Instructor
(Available Mon-Fri 8 am- 3 pm)
Video Chat Room Mon/Wed/Fri 1-2 pm

Divelbiss, John
Business English and Social Science Instructor
971-915-1206 (Available 1-2 pm Tues/Thur)

Duval, Donna
Public Safety (Law) English & Soc. Studies Instructor
971-600-1012 (Work hours 8-4 Available Mon-Fri 12:00-12:20 & 3:20-3:40)

Earl, Aaron

Filley, Jasmine
Agriscience & Culinary Science Instructor
971-915-4550 (Available Mon 10:30-11:30 *Tues-Fri 12:00-12:00 & 3:20-3:40)

Fineran, Jake
Public Safety/ Business Instructor
(Business Program Available 1-2 pm Wed/Fri)
(Law Enforcement Program Available 1-2 pm Tues/Thurs)

Fisher, Curtis
Construction IA
If you need advice, please email me and I will call you and we can figure it out together.

Fox, David
Business Instructor
971-332-3991 (Available 1-2 pm Tues/Fri)

Golovniznina, Katya
Mountain West Representative

Greenwood, Angela
Learning Specialist/ Special Education Liaison
971-599-3975 (Available from Mon-Fri 9:30-11 am. Email me anytime)

Fry- Ramirez, Valerie
Business Liaison


Hamilton, Stephanie
Cosmetology Instructor
971-915-1510 (Available Tues-Thurs 10:30-11:30 Mondays and after school are by appointment)

Hampton, RJ
UAS Instructor
971-599-7862 (Available Mon/Wed/Fri 7 am to 12 pm & Tue/Thurs 10 am-2 pm)

Hernandez, Raul
Bilingual (ELL) IA

Humlie, Enoch
Law Enforcement IA

Larios Mendoza, Maria (Susie)
Culinary IA
Available Mon/Tues/Wed 12:00-1:00)

Neidermeyer, Jason
Instructional Mentor

Nies, Kirsten
Cosmetology English & Science Instructor
971-900-5229 (Available Mon 12:30-2:30 & Tues-Fri by appointment)

Olsen, Alex
Construction Instructor
971-915-1516 Hours: 7am-8 am Mon-Fri
Please email first and I can follow up with a phone call if needed

Majeski, Denise
Design English & Social Science Instructor
971-915-4552 (Available Mon 12:30-1:30 pm. Can be reached by email every day )

Garcia-Montero, Karen
School Office Specialist

Murdock, Rachael
Cosmetology IA
971-337-3524 (Available M-F 8:15-3:15pm)

Rhodes, Rhonda

Salon Phone number

Samayoa, Maria

Samek, David
Auto English & Math Instructor

Sanchez, Norma
Counselor- Career Dev. Coord.
971-915-1621 (Available Mon-Fri on phone 10am-12pm & email anytime)

Shay, Jack
Film Instructor/ UAS Mission Ops Instructor
971-915-4549 (Available by phone Mon-Fri 9:30-12:00 & 2:00-4:00)
You can email every school day from 7am-5pm and will try to respond within an hour.

Simpson, Hilda
Cosmetology Instructor
971-332-3907 (Available Monday12:30-2:00, Tue-Fri 12:00-12:25 & 3:25-3:45)

Snyder, Nick
Business IA
(Available M-F 12:00-12:20)

Spaulding, Caroline
Agriscience & Culinary English Instructor
971-915-1503 Email me between 7:30-3:30 anyday!

Stinson, Austin
Culinary Instructor
971-900-5230 (Available Mon/Tues/Wed 12 pm to 1 pm)

Thomas, Russell
Manufacturing IA
Email me anytime. I will return all emails within 24 hours. Please email first and we can schedule a time for a phone call if needed.

Tinnell, Rob
Const./Manuf. CAD Lab Instructor
Email me anytime. I will return all emails within 24 hours. Please email first and we can schedule a time for a phone call if needed

Toms, Graham
3D/ Animation Design Instructor
971-599-7888 (Available Mon-Fri 3-5 PM)

Torres, Sharon

Torresdal, Jerry
Manufacturing Instructor
Email me anytime. I will return all emails within 24 hours. Please email first and we can schedule a time for a phone call if needed.

Agriscience Instructor
971-915-4625 (Available Mon/Tues/Wed 12 pm to 1 pm)

Villalobos, Liliana
Auto IA

Walsh, Dinah
Office Manager

Watts, Alesha
Const. Manuf. English Instructor
Email me anytime. I will return all emails within 24 hours. Phone calls can also be scheduled outside of those hours via email.

Weber, James
Assistant Principal

Zimmerman, Sina
3-D Design IA

971-337-3524 (Available Mon 1:30-2:30 pm)