1. [The] Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) did a “classroom invasion” on Wednesday, April 29th with our Drone Technology and Robotics Program to greet students and talk about next year’s authentic work project. (The Oregon Department of Transportation Land Surveying team has worked tirelessly to provide our Drone Technology and Robotics Program with authentic work projects that instruct our students in professional and technical skills including LiDar education and operation and GPS flight mapping (with Drones.)

Thank you for your investment in our program and our students. The value you add to our program and to our students is unmatched!

ODOT Virtual Classroom

2. Thank you so much for our partnership with the US Marines. We appreciate you meeting virtually with our Law Enforcement students to talk about your industry, what it is like to be a Marine, and how your job has been impacted by the pandemic. Your insight and voice is so valuable for the learning of our students. The Marines visited the Law Enforcement virtual classroom to overview changes in the recruitment process, overview of opportunities and educational benefits of joining into the Armed Services. Thank you SGT Kama, and SGT Gonzales!

3. Thank you so much to Hollywood Producer, Farley Ziegler, for taking time to talk with our VGDA students. We appreciate you taking so much time to engage with our students and share your experiences and insight. What an invaluable part of the student’s education to hear from someone as accomplished as you!

Hollywood Producer

4. A huge shout out to our super talented business partner, Tristan Martineau with Color Blind Creativity! We appreciate you taking time to meet with our VGDA students and for your willingness to contribute to their learning. Thank you for sharing some valuable resources and expertise on your industry!

5. CTEC is so thankful for all of our IAC members for their commitment to our programs at CTEC. We appreciate each and every one of you that were able to attend this last round of virtual IACs that we have hosted and we have missed those who were not able to make it. Please know that CTEC is here for you and rooting for your success! Please let us know how we can help.

6. What an amazing opportunity for our students to be able to engage with Tim Jenison, BAFTA Nominated Film Producer, Inventor and Founder of NewTek and Creator of 3D Modeling Software LightWave 3D. Thank you so much for sharing your story, for encouraging our students to take on new opportunities and the importance of being curious.

Fun Fact: The model is in the painting… is our very own Graham Toms, Industry Instructor for our Video and Game Design Animation Program!

art work

7. Thank you so much, Capitol Auto Group, for your generous gift to our student professional of the year Tyler Ray. They donated a tool cart, nail gun, and a t-shirt and hat with their company logo as a gift for his accomplishment. Thank you so much for recognizing our student in such a valuable way!


IAC Members and Businesses:

ACE Board:

  • Michael Riddle (Mike Riddle Construction – Owner (President)
  • Hayley Eld (Fischer, Hayes, Joye & Allen, LLC – CPA (Accountant)
  • Hunter B. Emerick (Saalfeld Griggs (Secretary)
  • Alex Labate, Becky Fairbank (Mike Riddle Construction)
  • Becky O’Brien-Gardinier (Cherry City Interiors & Design)
  • Chad Robb (Amerititle )
  • Derik Munns (Citizens Bank)
  • Edward Davis (Maps Insurance Services – FSA, Sr. Acct. Executive)
  • Jeff Boles (Parr Lumber)
  • Nick Harville (SEDCOR)
  • Steve Ward (West Tech Engineering)
  • Ryan Steckly (Home Smart)
  • Richard Davis (Maps Insurance Services)
  • Dan Dorn (Sunco Homes & Remodeling)
  • Gina M. Wells (Saalfeld Griggs)
  • Julie Foscoli (South Town Glass)
  • Alan Rasmussen (Modern Building Systems)


  • Lauren Lucht (Northwest Transplants LLC -Owner)
  • Beth Meyers-Shenai (Oregon Department of Agriculture-NW Oregon IWM Coordinator and Education Outreach Specialist / Noxious Weed Control)
  • Danae Watanabe-Smith (Microplant Nurseries)
  • Chris Sarles (Oregon Fruit Products – CEO)
  • Dean Craig (Willamette Workforce Partnership (Business Services Director)
  • Patricia Rojas (Monrovia Nursery Co. -HR Manager)
  • Rusty Rock (Oregon Dept of Ag -Food Safety Field Manager)
  • Colby Croft (Liberty Harvest (Owner)


  • Bob Kingsley (Wesco)
  • April White (White’s Collision Repair)
  • Amy Lawrence (US ARMY)
  • April Green (US Air Force)
  • Aaron Trueblood (Capitol Auto Group – Collision Repair)
  • Aimee Mattson (Abra Auto Body Repair)
  • Paul Ireland (National Coatings and Supplies)
  • Ron Reichan (Precision Auto and PAINT)
  • Margaret Ragan (Precision Auto and PAINT)


  • Daniel Gossack (Hi-Tek Electronics (President) and DTI Advisers (Business Consultant)
  • Kathryn Davidson (Photos By Orion -Owner)
  • Sarah Carpenter (Fidelity National Title (Business Development & Sales Executive)
  • Victor Villegas (Oregon State University (Technology & Media Support Coordinator)
  • Aaron Harada (Salem Keizer School District (Media Specialist)
  • Kris Fahndrich (Third River Marketing (Director of Sales)
  • John Gonzalez (US Marines)
  • Patricia Callihan-Bowman Express Employment ProfessionalsDeSantis Landscapes (Director, Business Development & Marketing) (Owner)
  • Matthew Poteet (Farmers Insurance (Licensed Protégé Agent)
  • Joey Harrison (DeSantis Landscapes (Director, Business Development & Marketing)


  • Christy Knapp (Tres Chic Owner / Chairperson)
  • Taja Lucas (Novalash – Touch of Beauty by Taj)
  • Glenn Thorsen (Owner, Sports Clips)
  • Karen Olsoy (Owner, Grove and Kane)
  • Chris Huffstutter (Owner & Director of Summit Salon Academy PDX)
  • Tricia Chase (Services District Educator, ULTA)
  • Denise D’Angelo, (Mt. Hood Community College Cosmetology Instructor)
  • Candace Self (Owner, Chic Beauty Bar)
  • Dawn Bush (Salon Services)
  • Whitney Madderom (AW Design Salon)
  • Tobie Theis (Eden’s Apple Salon)
  • Jamie Sziisz (Salon Argent – Owner)
  • Alysha Watson (AW Design Salon)
  • Lindsey ODell (Phagans)
  • Mathew Nolan (Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School Owner)
  • Sara Brown (Salon 554 Owner)
  • Clemente Porras (Clementé Porras A Creative Parlor (Salon) Owner)
  • Sonia Chase (Clementé Porras A Creative Parlor (Salon)
  • Corey Brown (Salon 554 Owner)
  • Cathy Tyrrel (WildFlower Salon Owner)
  • Luis Quinero (Luis Quintero Hair Designs Owner)
  • Ariadna Sanchez (Dreamface Lash & Brow Boutique – D&C Couture)
  • Katie Cazier (Salon 554 Senior Stylist )
  • Amanda Schaecher (Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School)


  • Bonnie Kelly (Kelly’s Home Center/ Kelly’s Cooking School)
  • Brian Von Eggers (Salem Health)
  • Annette Day (used to own Annette’s in West Salem)
  • Irina Bakun (ORLA)
  • Hans Afshar (Bentley’s Grill – Chef)
  • Soraida Cross (Bentley’s Grill)
  • Mac Leary (Sodexo)
  • Delores Tesky (Sodexo)
  • Tony Cratty (Sodexo)
  • Wendy Popkin (ORLA)


  • Alison Neubauer (Garmin)
  • Jerry Murray (Retired Engineer and classroom volunteer)
  • Jason Lewis (Salem Aerial)
  • Bell Gerry (Boeing)
  • Amy Lawrence (US ARMY)
  • Chris Glantz (Oregon Department of Transportation)

Law Enforcement:

  • George Burke (City of Salem Police Department)
  • Larry Bennett (Oregon Department of Corrections- Deputy Assistant Director and PSU Adjunct Professor)
  • Megan Gonzales (Chemeketa Community College – Criminal Justice Program Chair)
  • Teresa Plummer (Oregon Department of Corrections)
  • Mike Iwai (Oregon Department of State Police)
  • Brian Wallace (Marion County Sheriff’s Office)
  • Nicolas Hunter (Marion County Sheriff’s Office)
  • Eric Hlad (Marion County Sheriff’s Office)
  • Tony Collins (Willamette Valley 9-1-1 Dispatch)
  • Daryl Borello (Oregon Department of Corrections)
  • Jacob Wallace (US ARMY)


  • Rick Day (Old Castle Precast / Focus Consulting, LLC / Advantage Holdings, LLC)
  • Bob Bender (Industrial Welding)
  • Johnny Martin (Matin Metals Fab.)
  • Mike O’connor (Hillsboro School District (Teacher in Welding)
  • Steve Vanarsdale (Garmin)
  • Justin May (Local 290)
  • David Tibbits (Ramsteel Co)
  • Craig Campbell (OMIC R&D)
  • Douglas Jones (Zephyr Engineering, Inc. )
  • Steve Jones (ATI Cast Products – Salem Operations)
  • Adam Whalen (WESD/WOU)
  • Tracy Louthan (PeopleReady)
  • Alvin Elbert (A.R.E. Manufacturing)
  • Garrett Dias (mcam northwest)
  • Steve Jones (Jones)
  • Nichol Wahl (Salem Keizer School District)
  • David Hutchins (Cherry City Electric)
  • David Salinas (Cherry City Electric)
  • Jasun Brown (BDI Staffing)
  • Frosti Adams (The Associated General Contractors, Oregon-Columbia Chapter)
  • Jeff Powell (GreenBrier Manufacturing Company (Rail Cars)
  • Mark House (Clackamas Community College)
  • Trace Thompson (Cherry City Electric)

Video and Game:

  • Mark Shapiro (MS Consulting – Independent Consultant /Chairperson)
  • Aaron Harada (Public Engagement Specialist for Community Relations and Communications, Salem Keizer Public Schools)
  • Kathryn Davidson (Owner, Photos by Orion and Purple Kat Business Development)
  • Andrew Werth (Project Architect with BRIC Architecture)
  • Tim Williams (Executive Director of Oregon Film)
  • Lisa Cicala (Executive Director of Oregon Media Production Association)
  • Lorene Festa (CTE Graphic Design Teacher at North Salem High School)
  • Luis Mendoza (Community Facilitator at CCTV)
  • Spence Powell (Director of Philanthropic Oversight for Mountain West Investment Corporation)
  • Ben Fish (Owner, Project Daedalus)
  • Marlin Brownell (Owner, Foremost Marketing and Media)
  • Brian Lord (Portland Film Office @ Prosper Portland)
  • Jamie Dunphy (City of Portland -Senior Policy Director for the Office of Commissioner of Nick Fish)
  • Joseph Norris (Clutch Bowling -Sales and Communications)
  • Jessica Mcallister (Clutch Bowling (Office Manager)
  • Brandon Gaul (Clutch Bowling (Designer / Animator)
  • Andrew Zwicker (Clutch Bowling -Owner / Programmer)
  • Chris Blackburn (Clutch Bowling (Owner)
  • Brad Stiener (Allied Video Production)
  • Bethany Leslie (Soma Games -Scrum Master / Office Manager)
  • Chris Skaggs (Soma Games -Owner)
  • Orion Davidson (Photos By Orion – Owner)
  • Brian Jameson (Jumpdrive Studios)
  • Marty Havran (Havran Productions)
  • Greg Tibbot (Crossroads Investment Group)
  • Michael Hernandez (Crossroads Investment Group)