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CTEC Defined:

Who is Mountain West Investments?

Mountain West Investment Corp. is a privately held real estate development corporation headquartered in Salem, Oregon.  The company began as Mountain West Real Estate in 1977.   It is involved in real estate and business development throughout Oregon and Washington.

The owners and employees of Mountain West consider it their moral responsibility to steward their business and philanthropic relationships with faithfulness, trust and accountability.  Part of that commitment is demonstrated through one of its highest values of giving back to the community and changing lives.  It has provided support to over 200 local nonprofits organizations that are serving Salem’s friends, families, and neighbors.   Organizations serving children and seniors are its highest philanthropic priority. 

What is CTEC?

CTEC, the Career Technical Education Center, is a joint venture between private industry and public education with the intent of helping Salem-Keizer students develop academic proficiency, technical skills and certification, as well as the “soft skills” needed to assure preparedness and success in both careers and college.  Students will have the opportunity to enroll in advanced, career-related, skills-based course work designed to help them explore a variety of career paths and explore post-secondary educational options.

Where is CTEC?

CTEC is located at 3501 Portland Rd, Salem, OR.  The center is housed in the former Neilsen Manufacturing Plant, approximately ½ mile south of the State Police department and the KROC Center.  The center is on the west side of Portland Road.

How far along are the building renovations?

General landscaping maintenance was updated in July of 2014.  Two antiquated outbuildings on the property were demolished in mid-August and parking lot re-surfacing and repair began in late October of 2014.  The School District and industry leaders have been working with an architect hired by Mountain West to design classroom spaces and shop floors for a residential construction program and a commercial manufacturing program.  Construction permits will be applied for in November of 2014.

When will the building be open?

The main office and first two programs of study (construction and manufacturing) will be ready for occupancy in June of 2015.  CTEC will open to the public and students in August of 2015.  Initial enrollment will be limited to 90 students in each program (for a total of 180 juniors and seniors)  Each year thereafter, approximately an additional 20,000 square feet will be remodeled and opened for student use as the Center adds 2-3 programs of study annually through the 2019-20 school year.  By 2020, CTEC will house 10-14 career and technical education programs, serving approximately 1,100 students, led by approximately 45 district staff members.

Why do we need CTEC?

The development of a local or regional Career and Technical Education Skills Center is the logical and integral “next step” of expanding our District’s current CTE programs and preparing our graduating students for careers and college.  CTEC will provide instruction in preparatory programs that are either too expensive or too specialized for individual schools to operate individually.