Drone Technology and Robotics

Students learn advanced aspects of programming, designing, assembling and operating unmanned autonomous systems for air, ground and/or water. Students have the opportunity to learn and practice skills necessary to prepare for broad careers in robotics, programming, engineering and UAS design and operation. Students enrolled in Drone Technology and Robotics graduate high school with a competitive advantage by integrating industry standard skills with rigorous academic curriculum.


We want our students to be ready for whatever comes after high school. CTEC’s Drone Technology and Robotics students work with state-of-the-art software and equipment to learn the skills necessary to succeed in programming, engineering, and unmanned autonomous systems (UAS) design and operation. The UAS and robotics industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and CTEC Drone Technology and Robotics students graduate ready to fill the high-demand jobs in this industry. Our students are ready to start their careers with the following industry-relevant skills and knowledge:

  • Design, build and operate systems
  • Understand, design and implement mission dynamics and protocols
  • Understand and implement practical application of equipment
  • Understand and implement the engineering process and life cycle
  • Quality management systems (ISO standards)
  • Troubleshooting process and refinement
  • Certified with FAA Part 107 Drone Operator’s License

Students in Drone Technology and Robotics learn contextualized science and English.  Students receive coaching and resources to explore career options they may want to pursue directly out of the program or with continued education. Coupled with the experiences they have throughout this program, they graduate with a plan and the ability to adjust the plan throughout their career. With a foundation of industry-standard skills, rigorous science and English training, and the ability to interact with state-of-the-art equipment, our students are ready to pursue their dreams and goals.