“Before attending CTEC, I had no direction for my future or had any idea of what I wanted to do. I decided to apply to CTEC after going through a tour and got accepted Junior Year! In my first year, one of my teachers gave me some information on a possible internship at Boeing. I decided to apply for it and give it a shot. I ended up getting the interview and they said my resume was the best resume they’ve seen in years. A few weeks later I heard back and found out that I was one of the 12 people out of 70 that got accepted. What’s different about CTEC is everything is goal oriented. Everything we’re doing is specific to our industry, and it gives us a purpose to our work. Each teacher really cares about every individual student. They really get to know you and focus on your goals for your future. I feel like CTEC changed my life by teaching me the professional skills to get into a career like time management, getting homework done efficiently and not being on my phone. But it also taught me the basics on how to work in a shop and work along with people and visualize the steps ahead. Without CTEC, I wouldn’t have learned about that internship and have a life plan of my future career!”