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Value of Industry at the Table

At CTEC, we don’t do programs just for education’s sake—we strive to keep each program relevant to a broad range of related industries and professions. Each program is designed to set a foundation for the students to build their careers and lives upon. This means we need professionals of many types, from all related industries, engaging with the program staff and students to inform and shape the program.

It’s crucial we have industry at the table in all stages: program planning, curriculum review, authentic work projects, job shadows, site visits, guest speakers, demonstrations, resume and portfolio reviews, presentation evaluations, real interviews and more! Each year, we challenge ourselves to increase the meaningful and authentic interactions with industry for each program. We desire for students to understand the industries and professions they may choose—and be prepared to take the steps they need to pursue them. While monetary donations are appreciated and equip our students to do more, time is even more valuable to our students! We need you to invest time and energy with our programs to help better prepare our students for the future workforce.

The Benefit to Your Business

Not only does this investment benefit our students, it also benefits our industry partners. Our partners showcase their companies and their professions—creating a long-term pipeline of talent for their workforce. Professionals can also spend regularly-recurring, hands-on time in the program so they can identify strong future candidates, provide training to further prepare candidates with skillsets their company is looking to hire, and see how each student interacts with peers and professionals. In essence, if you’re willing to invest the time, you could use this as a long-term interview, which makes hiring much more successful and can save you a lot of money!

Support CTEC

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Industry Sponsorships

Industry support is key to the success of CTEC. Whether a financial contribution, an in-kind donation of materials or the gift of time, having industry engaged makes all the difference in achieving positive outcomes. As the Learning that Works Capital Campaign winds down, we are developing an annual sponsorship program. Companies can join at different levels with corresponding marketing and engagement benefits. 

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Authentic Projects for Real-World Experience

Each CTEC program provides students with authentic work experiences. From manufacturing hop hooks for area farmers to building a residential home to operating a full-service salon that is open to the public, students are exposed to real work experience. We welcome your ideas for future authentic work projects that can benefit the community. Please fill out the contact form below if you have ideas.

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In-Kind Equipment and Materials

CTEC welcomes the donation of equipment and materials that can benefit student learning. Reach out and let us know what you have to contribute. The value of your in-kind donation is tax deductible.

Cash donations are always accepted and greatly appreciated. If you would like to make this type of contribution, you can donate here, please select CTEC from the school dropdown, and then select the program(s) of your choice. Please be sure to add your name and address to the memo line so we can be sure to thank you for your generosity.