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Industry Advisory Committees

Each CTEC program has its own Industry Advisory Committee (IAC).

IACs include approximately 10 key industry partners who meet quarterly to give input and advise the development of the program. Let us know where your expertise and skills can make a difference for CTEC students. If you’d like to learn more or get involved, please fill out the contact form below.

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CTEC Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) members assist educators in establishing, operating, and evaluating the CTEC programs, and provide expertise and insight about industry and technological changes.
Host a group of CTEC students and provide them the opportunity to experience what your company is all about.
Provide an opportunity for students to develop their interview skills and receive feedback on their resumes.
This one-day one-day event is strategically designed to introduce you to CTEC students who are seeking apprenticeships, college programs, and employment opportunities.
CTEC strives to provide real-world experiences to students, which requires materials. Support CTEC by making monetary contributions or donating materials.
Provide an opportunity for students to hear about a particular occupation, the preparation and knowledge the occupation requires, as well as other interesting information.
Industry members get the opportunity to showcase their expertise, skills, and company though hands-on activities.
Presenters each provide students with the ins and outs of their profession through a hands-on, interactive, and engaging presentation.
Assist teachers with student projects in the shop or in the classroom on a regular basis.
Industry members introduce students to potential careers. They provide students with a look at the world of work and the range of career opportunities available to them.
Evaluate student presentations and professional skills. Teachers provide an evaluation rubric and project description to evaluate each student or group of students.
CTEC is a great place to advertise any job openings you are looking to fill. Send us your posting information and we will share it with our current students and alumni.