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CTEC Programs of Study

CTEC offers ten exciting and innovative Career Technical Education programs including Aviation; Auto Body Repair and Painting; Behavioral Health and Human Services; Biotechnology and Medical Science; Cosmetology; Culinary Arts Management; Residential Construction; Law Enforcement; Manufacturing, Welding, and Engineering ; and Video and Game Design.

CTEC programs are open to 11th and 12th grade students in the Salem-Keizer School District. CTEC programs provide the competitive advantage needed to tap into the high-wage, high-demand jobs of the future.

Student working on vehicle

Auto Body Repair & Painting

Create custom modifications using modern welding, sanding, masking and creative painting techniques. Operate the same collision repair and painting equipment as industry professionals. Restore a variety of damaged vehicles by applying advanced techniques of metal fabrication, adhesive repair and creative refinishing.

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Student flying drone


Working alongside industry professionals, students will have the opportunity to earn licensure as an airplane pilot, an aircraft maintenance technician, or a drone pilot. Students with an interest in flying, building, or repairing planes or drones will gain valuable experience and certification in the CTEC Aviation program.

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One clasping another's hands in comfort

Behavior Health & Human Services

Learn about the history of the mental health system in our country, explore your own career goals in the vast behavioral health and human services field, and learn foundational skills for working with people. Practice your communication skills and learn techniques that behavioral health professionals use to support their clients to wellness and practice these with peers. Assess and critique systems and settings in the behavioral health field and identify and develop solutions for social problems. Learn how to practice and model self-care in order to sustain a long and fulfilling career helping others. 

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Students working with hair


Express individual creativity by providing a wide range of artistic hair, nail, skincare and barbering services using the latest technology, trends and name-brand products. Operate and experience a full-service, interactive salon and spa environment. Work alongside professional cosmetologists to explore all aspects of quality salon services and management.

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Teacher instructing students

Culinary Arts

Express individual creativity as part of a team that develops entire meals, unique dining experiences, and delivers great customer service. Cook alongside professional chefs in a modern commercial kitchen setting. Operate fast-paced restaurant ventures such as food trucks, deli and catering services at CTEC.

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Students standing with right hand raised

Law Enforcement

Strengthen your mind and body through rigorous mental and physical training, including advanced self-defense tactics. Work with certified law enforcement professionals who keep the community safe. Examine state and federal laws and the critical roles of police, corrections and rehabilitation in the criminal justice system.

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Student welding

Manufacturing, Welding & Engineering

Invent, design and engineer the types of precision parts, tools and products used worldwide, using professional CAD and manufacturing equipment. Learn advanced welding and machining techniques to join, cut, bend and manipulate materials for industrial and artistic applications. Produce solutions for complex engineering challenges from concept to completion.

Learn more about Manufacturing, Welding & Engineering

Student working with concrete

Residential Construction

Design and build an upscale residential home from the ground up. Work alongside industry professionals in all aspects of architecture and building—including foundations, walls, roofs and interior and exterior finishing. Operate professional equipment and power tools for all aspects of construction.

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Students working with plants

Biotechnology & Medical Science

Operate a high-tech urban agriculture center to grow sustainable food. Work with business and industry experts in urban farming, nursery production, food science and biotechnology. Use micropropagation, hydroponics, advanced technology and equipment to grow farm-to-table produce.

Learn more about Biotechnology & Medical Science 

Students drawing

Video & Game Design

Produce original animated short films, dynamic visual effects and eye-catching graphics. Work with professional technologies to create virtual worlds, virtual reality (VR) and 3D modeling to achieve inspiring results. Collaborate to brainstorm, storyboard and create unique 3D animation, computer graphics, games and videos.

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