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Biotechnology & Medical Science
Students working with plants

Students in the CTEC Biotechnology & Medical Science program will operate multiple high-tech laboratories to apply biochemistry, molecular biology, nutrition, and anatomy principles needed to address the growing biotechnology industry.

What is Biotechnology and Medical Science?

Students in the CTEC Biotechnology and Medical Science Program operate a hands-on lab environment with emerging technology and state-of-the-art equipment as they learn about genetics, cell biology, medical innovations, and various uses of biotechnology to improve the health of humans and our planet.

The CTEC Biotechnology and Medical Science Program provides students with the opportunity to earn certifications, college credits, robust scholarships, and biotech lab employment. Our powerful partnerships with local industry professionals in various medical fields, biotechnology companies, and high-tech environmental or agricultural businesses combined with our college and university partnerships create multiple pathways to success for all students who complete this program.


We want our students to graduate prepared for employment in biotechnology jobs that create and improve products and processes for medical science or environmental conservation. They can immediately access this rewarding career upon completion of the program or use the skills they have acquired as they pursue higher education with one of our college or university partners. The valuable certifications they earn, along with the college credits and scholarship dollars available to them, will launch graduates of CTEC’s Biotechnology & Medical Science program into the exciting and ever-changing field of Biotechnology.

The recent pandemic has helped to highlight the biotech industry’s impact on global healthcare technology and research; demand for researchers and experts has never been higher. Biotechnology careers offer competitive compensation, flexible career paths, and the chance to make a meaningful impact . By applying their research and lab skills, student technicians graduate prepared to become an important part of this rapidly expanding and rewarding field.


To ensure that students have access to the best resources, we have equipped our laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. This will allow students to conduct experiments, analyze data, and gain practical experience in a real-world laboratory setting. Graduates of the Biotechnology & Medical Science program emerge prepared to perform Gel Electrophoresis, Western Blot, Molecular Cloning, Flow Cytometry, Mass Spectrometry, Polymerase Chain Reaction, and Enzyme-linked Immunoassay. Whether they hope to pursue careers in medicine, environmental or agricultural applications, or forensics, students in the Biotechnology & Medical Science program benefit from contextualized science and English aligned to the projects and skills they develop. Students receive coaching and resources to explore career options they may want to pursue directly out of the program or with continued education. With a foundation of industry-standard skills, relevant and integrated science and English training, and the ability to interact with technical equipment, our students are ready to pursue their aspirations and goals.

  • Operate multiple high-tech laboratories to apply biochemistry, molecular biology, nutrition and anatomy principles needed to address the growing biotechnology industry.
  • Implement and understand biotechnology practices with medical, forensic or agricultural applications.
  • Work with business and industry experts in biotechnology, bioscience, medical science and clinical laboratories.
  • Opportunities to earn college credits in communications, biology and medical sciences, certifications in food handling and Biotechnology.

Biotechnology and Medical Science Staff


Joey Corcoran

Joey Corcoran

Joey Corcoran earned his BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon. Joey was an Outdoor Education Leader for 1 year at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, and he has been at CTEC since 2019. He was a Sustainability Planner for 2 years for the City of Beaverton and a Vertical Farmer for 1 year at Forward Greens. Joey’s favorite thing about CTEC is “being able to work with and learn from my amazing co-workers while teaching a subject that I am passionate about.” In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, watching & playing sports, hiking, camping & backpacking, photography & anything that gets him outside.

Jasmine Filley

Jasmine Filley

Jasmine earned her MA in Education from the University of Portland and her B.S. in Wildlife Conservation Policy at Oregon State University. She has been teaching since 2004 and has taught many aspects of learning from adult high school education, learning skills, and high school science and English. She has taught at CTEC since 2017. Jasmine has worked in Career Technical Education for 10 years. As a CTE Regional Coordinator she worked with 10 regional high school CTE programs to help infuse federal grant funds, provide professional development, and align curriculum. Her favorite thing about working at CTEC is the people. Students are curious, hardworking, kind, and welcoming. Teachers are engaging, caring, respectful, and fun. Staff are supportive, responsive, and always happy to see you. When Jasmine is not teaching, she loves being outdoors with her family, hiking, camping, diving, and being near water. She also enjoys reading and listening to books “of which I usually have 2 or 3 going at a time.”

Luis Valenzuela Estrada

Luis Valenzuela Estrada

Luis Valenzuela Estrada earned a B.S in Ecology, Ph.D. in Horticulture, and M.A. in Teaching. Luis spent 2 years teaching middle school science in a dual language program (6th, 7th, 8th) and three years as a teaching assistant for graduate level classes at Penn State University. He has been an instructor at CTEC since 2019. Luis worked for 9 years as a research associate scientist in OSU’s Horticulture Department and for 3 years as a research assistant during graduate school at Penn State University. His favorite things about CTEC are his team, his students and the curriculum. When Luis is not teaching, he enjoys swimming, traveling and trying new places to eat.