Residential Construction

Students enrolled in Residential Construction gain a competitive advantage as they learn industry-standard skills and knowledge through multiple construction projects—including construction of a home (yes, our students build a home!)—in the CTEC shop and on a job site, open to the elements.


We want our students to be ready for whatever comes after high school. CTEC’s Residential Construction students have secured jobs and internships at multiple construction firms, businesses and state government agencies. Our students are ready to start their careers with the following industry-relevant skills and knowledge:

  • An understanding of the construction process and timeline for building a home
  • Safe operation of hand and power tools used in construction
  • Industry/OSHA safety training
  • Design, layout and frame walls
  • The “envelope science” necessary to waterproof a home
  • Applied mathematics and CAD skills to enhance residential construction
  • Precision measurement skills needed to be successful in any construction-related project
  • Jobsite skills by working on authentic projects in the community

Students in Residential Construction learn mathematics and English, contextualized to the industry-relevant projects and skills they’re learning. Students also develop a high-level of CAD  expertise. Students receive coaching and resources to explore career options they may want to pursue directly out of the program or with continued education. Coupled with the experiences they have throughout this program, they graduate with a plan, and the ability to adjust the plan throughout their career. With a foundation of industry-standard skills, rigorous mathematics and English training and high-level CAD skills, our students are ready to pursue their career dreams and goals.