In this new world of distance learning, our students and staff continue to amaze us by their innovative ways of learning and adapting. This week, we’d like to share open opportunities, virtual tours and helpful tips!


With stay at home orders all over the country, people are yearning to see something outside of their house. Virtual tours of museums across the world have surfaced in order to offer an educational aspect to watching a video online.

See what the Auto Body Collision has been up to lately

Well, our own Alex Crays captured a virtual tour of a local auto body shop for all to enjoy! Make sure you check it out!


What has the Video & Game Design been up to?

Denise Majeski has created an optional classroom called Create. This class is open to everyone in the Salem-Keizer district, whether they attend CTEC or not. Create. is a place for expression. Use the weekly themes to inspire you to create something new. Collage, pencil or ink drawings, painting, 3D models, short films, cartoons, concept art, make up design, tattoos, scripts, poetry, music, playlists…. don’t let these ideas limit you. Find the medium that speaks to you.


If you, or someone you know, would like to join Create. go to Google Classroom and join the class using the code: 3oxws34.


Check out the Culinary team

The Culinary team has set up an instagram, and this week Chef Susie posted helpful tips to navigate Google Classroom. If you’re struggling with distance learning or looking for new ways to stay organized check out the link below!