Who is Eligible?

Any student, academically on track to begin the 2015-16 school year as a junior (12+ credits) or as a senior (18+ credits), may submit an application for admission to CTEC.  All programs of study are open to both male and female students. 

Applications may be picked up from any District high school CTE teacher or any high school counselor.

The “Pitch”

Do you like working with your hands, enjoy being part of a team, like to solve complex problems and appreciate seeing your hard work turn into a physical “thing” you can look at and touch?  Career & Technical Education programs can help you discover your interests, strengths and talents, while helping you prepare for employment in high-wage jobs or a positive transition to post-secondary education and college.

Authentic Learning and True Applications of Knowledge

At CTEC, students learn technical skills like using equipment and tools.  They develop soft skills like a positive work ethic, punctuality and personal responsibility. They apply core curriculum content like math, English and science in industry-focused environments and situations.  They engage with and develop professional partnerships with local and regional industry leaders.  They use their new knowledge and experiences to develop a post-high school plan that can include direct entry into the work force, college admission or a conversion of the two paths.

Earn Dual Credit for High School and College:

CTEC students will have the opportunity to earn core academic credits in math and English, while also earning elective credits in computer assisted drafting and construction or manufacturing. High school credits apply toward the standard high school diploma.  Students will also have the opportunity to earn 10 to 20 college credits per year that may apply toward a variety of college certificates and degrees.

No Excuses:

CTEC students remain enrolled at their resident school, but take advanced level electives, along with math and English at the new and modern Portland Road facility.

CTEC students can still participate in extra-curricular programs such as music, athletics, theater, clubs and JROTC at their resident school.  They may also participate in extra-curricular activities at CTEC, such as SkillsUSA and the ACE Mentor program. 

Transportation to and from a student’s resident school will be provided.