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Career Services

CTEC is a one-of-a-kind premier educational institution located in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Salem, Oregon. CTEC students work side-by-side with industry professionals and core academic teachers to acquire a competitive advantage after high school. Rigorous academic standards are partnered with relevant industry skills to deliver a curriculum that is seamlessly integrated with statewide standards and clearly aligned with high-wage, high-demand career pathways. Students who graduate from CTEC are equipped to pursue their dreams.
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Student Employment

Current students and CTEC alumni who are looking for employment can benefit from CTEC’s network of connections. Please e-mail our counselor, Ms. Norma Sanchez, and provide her with the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • CTEC Program
  • Strongest Technical Skills
  • Hours and Wages Needed

Exploring Careers

CTEC has a Career Services center with a full-time counselor available to meet with students. The center is used to connect students with the next step in pursuing their career goals. CTEC Career Services has the tools and resources necessary to guide and help our students with applications, resumes, interviews, cover letters, etc.

Identifying Career Pathways

Our desire at CTEC is to focus on graduation, as well as the success of each student for years after they graduate from high school. From the day students arrive at CTEC, they start exploring their career future. They explore the Career Tree for their program and put a leaf on the tree as they envision their future. They work closely with the Career Services Center to identify support needed to achieve their career goals.

Additional Information

The business liaisons have been working hard to create a Workforce Resource Library for students, teachers, and parents to have an immense amount of educational resources available in one location (below is the link to the website).

Workforce Resource Library

We will be updating it accordingly, with additional resources. If you have any suggestions of websites that would be beneficial, you can submit them through the website (there is a form at the very bottom of the page). We hope that it helps you or others in the community. Feel free to share it!

Workforce Resource Library

Skills USA

Skills USA logo

Certain CTEC programs compete in the SKILLS USA competitions state and nationwide. These competitions are an extension of the skills and knowledge our students learn at CTEC and are a wonderful way for our students to show off their talent by competing in various events. 

*Not all programs will offer SKILLS USA teams every year*

For more specific information with regards to the SKILLS USA please call CTEC.

The following programs compete at the SKILLS USA competitions:

  • Manufacturing, Welding and Engineering
  • Residential Construction (Carpentry)
  • Cosmetology
  • Auto-body Repair and Painting
  • Drone Technology and Robotics
  • Business Development and Leadership
  • Law Enforcement

College and Career Coaches

Need additional help with College and Career Resources?

Every SKPS High School has a College and Career Coach. Find your coach below.

Ayla Caesar

College & Career Coach
Sprague High

Kimberly Conolly

College & Career Coach
McNary High

Paola Garcia Martinez

College & Career Coach
North Salem High

Robert Martin

College & Career Coach
Roberts High

Abigail Mosqueda

College & Career Coach
South Salem High

Ana Rueda Herrera

College & Career Coach
McKay High

Shelly Warde

College & Career Coach
West Salem High School Staff

Business Liaisons

Laura Bronson

Contracted - Business Liaison via Salem Chamber of Commerce

Judy Fisher

Contracted - Business Liaison via Salem Chamber of Commerce

Sarah Rambeck

Contracted - Business Liaison via Salem Chamber of Commerce

Student Mentor

There are no constituents to display