Bus transportation is provided to and from the students’ resident high school to CTEC. Students may also drive themselves between schools. Students wishing to carpool, must have written parent permission and school District approval which includes driver proof of insurance.

Students participating in internships or job shadow experiences must provide their own transportation.



Please see the charts below for BUS departure and return times by school

A Note about Buses:  Each high school has a bus dedicated to it that will transport students to and from CTEC daily.  On Mondays buses will make two separate trips to accommodate the split A/B schedule.  In the afternoons for “B” schedule students on Mondays, and all students on Tuesdays-Fridays, a bus will deliver CTEC students back to their resident school in time to ride their neighborhood bus home.

It is the student’s responsibility to be to their school on time to catch the bus leaving for CTEC.

Transportation 1

Transportation 2