August 20, 2020 Update

Video: Principal Rhodes Answers Returning-to-School Questions

Principal Rhodes sat down to answer a few of our most asked questions. Please watch to see what this school year will look like for the Career Technical Education Center. We’re eager to begin engaging with our students!

Actualizado Septiembre 3, 2020

Video: La Directora Rhodes contesta algunas preguntas sobre este año escolar

La directora Rhodes ha hecho un video para contestar algunas de las preguntas más comunes. Por favor mire el video para que sepa como será este año escolar en CTEC. Estamos ansiosos de enseñar a nuestros estudiantes!

July 29, 2020 Update

Letter from Principal Rhodes

Hello CTEC Families.

As the ever evolving situation with COVID 19 continues to unfold, we are working hard to plan for a successful year at CTEC. All of our CTEC programs will be operational for the 2020-21 school year, and our staff is dedicated to preparing each student to graduate with a competitive advantage, equipped for a rewarding career.

As Superintendent Christy Perry announced yesterday, Salem-Keizer students will start the school year with nine weeks of comprehensive distance learning. CTEC students will receive their program’s integrated curriculum via distance learning too. Each CTEC student will also enroll in two courses at their current high school (not via EDGE*) for distance learning during this first nine weeks. Seniors who need fewer credits toward their diploma may work with their guidance counselor to enroll in fewer than two distance learning courses so long as they are still on track for graduation.

CTEC has developed an excellent plan to safely return to face-to-face instruction once our state and county meet the metrics set out by Governor Kate Brown in her press conference yesterday. Our goal is to meet these requirements as soon after the first nine weeks as possible. We are eager to engage students hands-on in program spaces as soon as it is safe to do so. We will use the first quarter to lay a very strong knowledge base so that when students are permitted to return they will be well equipped to dive right into the authentic work opportunities that make CTEC so exciting and unique.

Information is subject to change as situations develop and evolve, but this is the most current plan. We are eager to serve and prepare students for an incredible future.

Rhonda Rhodes


**EDGE, Enhanced Digital and Guided Education, is for Salem-Keizer students who do not intend to step foot onto campus for in person learning at any point during the 2020-21 school year. CTEC students will be on campus at CTEC once it is safe to reopen. They should not register with EDGE, but will be taking two distance learning courses through their current high school in addition to their CTEC program.