Video and Game Design Animation

Students enrolled in Video and Game Design Animation learn industry standard skills and knowledge through hands-on projects and experiences. Students work with all aspects of 3D animation, design, development, rendering and publishing. Students enrolled in Video and Game Design Animation graduate high school with a competitive advantage by integrating industry standard skills with rigorous academic curriculum.


We want our students to be ready for whatever comes after high school. CTEC’s Video and Game Design Animation students work with state-of-the-art software and equipment to produce 3D worlds, focusing on digital asset creation. CTEC students also learn how to film, direct, produce, write and publish live/filmed video. Our students are ready to start their careers with the following industry-relevant skills and knowledge:

  • Development of a portfolio/reel of projects
  • Build a resume of production credits
  • Understanding of the “production pipeline” through participation in various roles to create products for video, broadcasting, games, graphics, and more

Students in Video and Game Design Animation learn contextualized Social Studies and English aligned to the particular projects and skills they develop. Students receive coaching and resources to explore career options they may want to pursue directly out of the program or with continued education. Coupled with the experiences they have throughout this program, they graduate with a plan and the ability to adjust the plan throughout their career. With a foundation of industry-standard skills, rigorous Social Studies and English training, and the ability to interact with technical equipment, our students are ready to pursue their dreams and goals.

CTEC would like to introduce the Talented Video, Gaming, Design and Animation Team.



  Graham Toms, 3D Design Instructor


I moved to Oregon three years ago specifically to design and teach this program. I had been working on a film with a technology company. I visited Oregon to visit some friends and bumped into CTEC and thought hmmmm, I like this place. I teach two of the three parts of our track, Concept Design and 3D Digital asset creation.




Jack Shay, Digital Cinema Production Instructor


Throughout his life, Jack has been a creator and storyteller.

Although he studied Psychology while attending Humboldt State University, his passion was always creating. Every elective class he took was related to art, design, theater or construction. His work career was equally diverse and every job, from baker to a General Contractor, has been an opportunity for Jack to foster and develop his creativity.

After graduation from college and working in construction, Jack attended the Art institute of Portland and studied Digital Film Production. Jack’s love for art and story took him to film sets and small productions studios or the next 10 years, where he worked as a freelance editor and sound designer. After a small break to focus on family, he is now at CTEC to round out the curriculum of our 3D Design program.


Denise Majeski, English and Social Studies Instructor.

This is Denise Majeski, third year in the Design program. She has 18 years of experience teaching, most of which has been in the Salem Keizer School District. She’s thrilled to be teaching creative and technical writing to such an artistically diverse group of students.






Sina Zimmerman, 3D Design Instructional Assistant.


I love the graphic arts, and I am excited about helping students learn new skills at CTEC.

I began my college years at Chemeketa Community College, focusing on art and graphics while working for the student newspaper, the Chemeketa Courier. I later transferred to Western Oregon University, where I got my bachelor’s degree in art with a focus in graphic design. I also worked in student media as a photographer and production manager of the Western Oregon Journal.

I worked at the Statesman Journal newspaper for more than a decade in a variety of roles, such as graphic designer in the advertising department. I look forward to working with students and assisting them to learn more about the program.


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